Power Voyager – Drop-In Electrical System


Part of the Voyager system, this drop-in power system is a huge time and headache saver!

NOTE: the Voyager system is being refreshed with a new Sequoia series being released soon. A preview of the Sequoia Voyager is shown in the images. More details and specifications coming soon.

If you’re not familiar with mobile electrical systems, you can save yourself time, money and frustration with this elegantly designed, professionally engineered drop-in power system that uses the very best Victron Energy equipment.

The Power Voayager is also the easiest way to add a secondary alternator power system to your rig by simply selecting that option when configuring your Voyager and indicating that you’d like to schedule an appointment for the mechanical installation of the alternator itself (available in Sarasota, Florida, Marysville, Ohio and Rocklin, CA this time but expanding to other locations soon!)

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have! You can contact us via email or phone!

Professional Design & Engineering
Designed and built by an experienced electrical engineer who worked extensively in the automotive industry. Ready to charge 3x ways: when driving from your vehicle alternator, via solar panels and from shore power when available.

Ships Complete – Ready To Drop Into Place
Ships freight – fully protected on a pallet. It will arrive ready to be dropped into place over a rear wheel well in a cargo van. All you’ll need to do is secure it in place, wire it up to a shore power inlet (we recommend Furrion, 30 amp inlets in white or black), connect any solar panels, connect to your vehicle battery for alternator (DC-DC charging) and finally wire up your  “branch circuits” to the integrated circuit-protected wires that come with butt connectors.

Building a power system like this can take many days – even for experienced installers. This system can be installed and wired into your van in an afternoon!

Van Compatibility
The Power Voyager is compatible with all Mercedes Sprinter van models and the 159″ or 159″ extended RAM Promaster vans and Ford Transit cargo vans. Note there there are small differences in the spacing of components for the various vans.

Your Choice of Alternator Charging
The base model Voyager comes with 2x Victron Energy Orion DC-DC chargers that connect up to your vehicle battery to charge the Voyager batteries from the factory alternator at up to 60 amps. This is powerful enough to charge the batteries while not overtaxing the alternator.

You can upgrade your Voyager to be able to be charged from a dedicated, secondary alternator from Nations with a Wakespeed WS500 regulator. We detail all the benefits of secondary alternator charging in this blog post. The primary benefit to this approach is much higher charging output – depending on the vehicle and RPMs of the engine, the charging current can be anywhere between 120 and 250 amps which allows your Voyager batteries to be charged significantly faster. Note that the secondary alternator requires mechanical installation onto your vehicle engine.

Starter Battery Support
The Voyager includes a system bypass that connects to your vehicle’s alternator in the event of a battery disconnect event (over/under temp or low battery charge). It also offers the option to jump start your vehicle battery if necessary.

Lead Times
Ships approximately 4-6 weeks after order via truck freight. Includes detailed wiring instructions and world-class support from Valley Hi.

We offer installation and integration of the Voyager (including the secondary alternator) from our workshop in Sarasota, Florida. Installation also available from Valley Hi in Ohio. Please reach out if you’re interested in this service!

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