VanDer Moon Rear Door Organizers


Please scroll down to the description to see the various options illustrated. Options determine pricing.

VanDer Moon rear door organizers turn your rear cargo doors into 3.35 cubic feet of additional storage space! They feature pockets, handles and hangers for optimal organization.

  • Available in 3x colors: blue, grey and charcoal
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see details specifications of the top, middle and bottom panels.
  • Note: no holes are drilled in the panels, you will need to drill your own hole locations that are appropriate for your installation and then use self-tapping screws to secure the panels. You may want to use screw caps that are color-coordinated. Alternatively, you can use strong magnets in some cases.
  • Available for the top, middle and bottom parts of the rear doors (see illustration in the description below).
  • Backordered until early July 2023

FREE ground shipping to the continental USA (sorry, we do not currently ship to Hawaii or Alaska).

Available on backorder

When you choose a color, an example of the bottom Sprinter van version in that color will appear below. This is true even if you've selected a different type of van. The purpose of the photo is just to give you a good idea of the color and the actual storage organizer will fit the chosen van. Please scoll down to the description see each color side-by-side.

This option determines the price. Available for the top, middle or bottom of both the passenger and driver rear doors. Please see the illustration in the description below to understand the locations available. Note, if you want multiple locations, please add them to your cart separately or, we also also available as a complete set where you get a top, middle and bottom for both doors (6x total).

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Designed to Work Hard

They are built with special plywood and exceptionally durable materials. Each stitching has been reinforced to withstand a 22-pound load. This allows you to hang up to 88 pounds of gear on the door of your van.!

Thin and Light

When you’re not using the Moon Organizer, it doesn’t take up much more space than the original panel covering  your van’s door.




Shown On Ford Transit Van

Shown On Promaster Van

Simple Installation

The panels can be secured to the rear door with adequately sized self-tapping screws or rivnuts. The window area panels ship with special brackets that attach to the sheet metal around the window with either self-tapping screws or rivnuts. Note: the panels do not have pre-drilled holes that align with any factory holes on the van. Rather, you’ll have to determine where you want to place fasteners and drill both the panel and the sheet metal of the van. Most customers are using self-tapping screws with a screw cap such as these.

In some cases, such as the Promaster example photo below, there are factory holes in the doors that are not covered by the panels. In the example below, the complimentary “window” (middle) panel would have covered those holes.

Additional information

Weight 900 oz
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 in

Charoal, Gray, Blue, Red

Van Type

Sprinter 2006-2018, Sprinter 2019+, Promaster High Roof, Transit Medium Roof, Transit High Roof

Position (See Illustration Below)

Passenger Side Top, Passenger Side Midde, Passenger Side