Modular Systems for Camper Vans

Build Better & Remove Complexity With Voyager

NOTE: the Voayger system is being refreshed with a new Sequoia series being released soon. We have paused sales of the Voyager until the new version is ready!

We’ve taken the most difficult and specialized parts of a van build – all the infrastructure and systems –  and built them for you into rugged 8020-based aluminum cabinets that can drop into place to jump-start your custom van build.

With professionally engineered systems crossed off your list, you can focus on the less complex and more fun parts of a van build like customizing the style and layout to your specific needs. Or, if you’re not in a DIY mood, you can hire just about any capable carpenter to finish out your build knowing that the highly-specialized effort of building safe and functional systems is already done!

Buy them all for a complete bed/garage layout or mix and match as you wish. Since the Voyagers are built with 8020, it’s easy to integrate them into your layout and customize/extend their profile and functionality.

Power Voyager

State-of-the-art Victron Energy electrical system in a box that is ready to power any of your loads from lights to air conditioners. Designed by a professional automotive electrical engineer, this highly configurable system removes all the complexity of power systems so you can get out there voyaging. High capacity with 3x charging methods: solar, alternator, and shore power. All you need to do is bolt it down and wire up your shore power, solar array, and branch circuits. The Power Voyager is also the easiest way to rock a dedicated secondary alternator for super-fast, ultra-reliable recharge for nearly unlimited power off-grid.

Water Voyager

A complete fresh water system in a box with everything you need to travel comfortably in your van. It includes a 20-gallon water tank, Isotemp water heater, water pump, water fill ports, and connection points. Once the Water Voyager has been installed, you can easily run your hot and cold water lines using PEX connections to each fixture (sink, shower, etc.) and get on with the rest of your build knowing the plumbing system is done right.

Bed Voyager

The Bed Voyager fits perfectly between the Power and Water Voyagers to create a solid platform for your van’s bed and an open “garage” area below. Just add a mattress and start dreaming about the rest of your build. Also, the Bed Voyager can be easily removed to open up even more storage space in the rear of your van when you’re not camping with it.